Wednesday, July 4, 2012

My Summer So Far

Life is good and colourful. Busy. Healthy :) Thanks for checking back regularly, peeps.

  1. Grilled zander with potatoes in Hungary. Probably THE best meal I've had so far - I was also incredibly hungry, that helped ;)
  2. The lake we usually hang out at at 8am
  3. Fruit and nuts - I could live off that when it's hot. Looks pretty too I just realized.
  4. Survival package from England 
  5. Really old wine cellars we saw while we were hiking in the vineyards that day.
  6. Hand made leather goods from Hungary. I ordered a LOT more than I had planned.
  7. Reading material: 'Manual for Burgenland' - the South-Eastern area in Austria where I grew up and where I am staying at the moment. It's hot, it's sunny, it's flat, it's green, it's quiet, it's pretty beautiful.
  8. Peaceful and old cemetary we passed in Veszprem in Hungary
  9. Groceries! It's probably my main hobby - I love love love grocery shopping - I do it every single day in London cause I like it so much :) You see, I am trying to be good and get only the healthy stuff - with the occasional naughty treat. There really are no excuses for me these days though to indulge for longer than a day!
  10. New vegan shoes from beyond skin - hand made, great fit and they feel just like leather. Very impressed.
  11. Double espresso by the lake in the morning sun
  12. We got an invitation to the premiere of 'As You Like It' in a castle nearby. Had a really good evening with my mum there.

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